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Simply Static 2024 Review: a Powerful Static Website Generator

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Have you wondered if it’s possible to turn your WordPress site into a fast static one in one click? Simply Static does just that. This advanced WordPress static site creator changes how we enhance websites. It brings unmatched speed and security, and users love the easy process. There’s a user-friendly interface that makes it all simple without needing to code.

This tool turns WordPress sites into static ones, which makes them safer and cheaper to host1. It’s praised for working well with SEO and common page builders. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants their site to work better and be more secure. Static websites are not only faster but also safer to visit and easier to maintain.

Key Takeaways

  • Simply Static can transform dynamic WordPress sites into fast-loading static websites.
  • The plugin eliminates database requests, reducing first byte time, and improving security12.
  • It offers cost-effective hosting by reducing server resource consumption2.
  • The modern React-based user interface simplifies the conversion process.
  • Simply Static integrates seamlessly with SEO plugins and popular page builders, enhancing web performance optimization1.

What is Simply Static?

Simply Static turns dynamic WordPress sites into fast, secure static pages. Developed by Fiji Software, it’s a top choice for WordPress users wanting better web performance and security.

Overview of Simply Static

It converts WordPress sites to static HTML, boosting security. It does this by removing server-side risks. It also works with services like Amazon S3 and supports GDPR, Fuse.js, and more3. This makes your site safer and fully functional.

Benefits of Static Websites

Moving your site with Simply Static makes it much faster. It cuts down on database requests. This means your pages load quicker4. Even complex elements like animations do better in a static format because of the speed boost4. Plus, static sites are safer than those using dynamic databases.

This switch can also save you money on hosting. With Simply Static, you can use free hosting, saving a lot4. And, it works well with tools for local site development, making testing thorough before the site goes live4.

In short, Simply Static offers better performance, saves money, and increases website security. These are big pluses for website owners of all types.

How Does Simply Static Work?

Simply Static changes WordPress into a static site. This makes your site faster and safer. Four key steps are taken to make this happen smoothly.

First, Simply Static looks at your WordPress site. It finds all the moving parts. This step is important to make sure everything is ready for the change.

Then, Simply Static makes the moving parts stand still. It changes them into simple, fixed pieces. This makes your site faster and doesn’t need the database to show a page4.

Finally, Simply Static makes your site just a bunch of simple HTML files. You can download these in a ZIP file. Or, easily put your site up with GitHub, Netlify, or AWS S3. This makes your site easy to handle and quick to set up4.

All in all, Simply Static is key for moving from a dynamic to a static site. It shows how important speed and safety are. And it makes everything smooth for users visiting your site.

Key Features of Simply Static

Simply Static is known for its groundbreaking features. It offers solutions for turning WordPress sites into static ones. This makes it a top choice for developers and owners of websites.

One Click Generation

Simply Static stands out for its one-click process. This makes turning WordPress sites into static ones easy. Even those not too tech-savvy find this feature simple and quick to use2.

Deployment Options

Simply Static gives many static site deployment choices. The Pro version supports sending sites to GitHub, AWS S3, and Netlify. This opens up more ways for website owners to publish their projects25. It also works with Cloudflare Pages, Netlify, and Vercel, which simplify managing and deploying sites efficiently4. With these options, Simply Static can meet the needs of users from small to big projects.

Compatibility with Page Builders

Simply Static works well with page builders like Elementor. It ensures your site keeps its design and layout when you make it static. Users benefit from quick and safe static sites without losing the perks of page builders2. This shows that Simply Static aims to make the switch to static easy and convenient.

Simply Static keeps getting better to help with web development. It boosts web speed, user-friendliness, and security. With these upgrades, it’s a great tool for making static sites without a hassle.

Security Benefits of Using Simply Static

Simply Static is chosen widely for its top-notch security benefits. It turns dynamic content into static files, which lessens weaknesses against cyber attacks. By doing this, it cuts ties with the database and server, making breaches less likely4

With Simply Static, cyber threats find very little to target due to no backend access. This makes it safe for both visitors and site managers. There’s less chance of someone breaking into the database or injecting harmful code4. People trust Simply Static for shielding against common online dangers, ensuring a much safer time online3. Keeping a site secure is easy with Simply Static.

Performance Improvements with Simply Static

Simply Static makes big changes in how websites run. It does this by getting rid of the need for databases and cutting down on server wait times4. This is super important for sites with lots of fancy stuff like moving images and fun ways to click around4. Because it doesn’t need to talk to a server or look things up in a database, these websites load a whole lot quicker6.

Also, this tool makes web files smaller automatically. It does this for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This means it takes less time for your browser to start showing the web page. It helps the server use its resources better too4. When you pair it with certain services, like AWS S3 and BunnyCDN, it gets even better. They help by keeping a copy of your website in different places. Plus, they make sure things stay fast and smooth, everywhere you host your site. These services also make it easy to put your site online using places like GitHub Pages and Cloudflare Pages4.

By moving away from traditional servers, Simply Static also boosts safety. This change cuts the risks of bad things happening because of server problems4. The end result is a web experience that’s fast and safe, even for pages that use a lot of resources.

SEO Advantages

Simply Static provides many SEO advantages. It ensures your website stays competitive in search rankings after switching to a static site. A key benefit is how it works with popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and RankMath. This compatibility helps keep your SEO work, so your site remains visible and ranks well.

Integration with SEO Plugins

By working with top SEO plugins, Simply Static saves your SEO efforts from before. This means your site will attract more organic visitors and keep users engaged. The transition doesn’t erase your SEO work, which is vital for your site’s success.

Retention of SEO Optimizations

Keeping your SEO edits is what makes Simply Static special. It holds onto your smart keyword use, great content, and other key factors7. You won’t need to redo everything after the move, which is great for your site’s SEO.

Additionally, Simply Static can make your site faster by shrinking HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Faster sites rank better on search engines74. By not needing database requests, your site gets even faster and has more SEO potential4. This helps your SEO strategy work better, creating a smoother experience for your visitors.

SEO Advantages

Who Should Use Simply Static?

Simply Static is great for everyone, from individuals to big companies. It helps make WordPress sites faster by turning dynamic parts into static. Many find it useful because it fits a wide range of needs.

Target Audience

It’s a go-to for agencies, bloggers, and small businesses. Plus, developers, IT/security agencies, and web design firms love it for its strong features and easy use3. With over 50,000 users, it’s clear many WordPress sites benefit from Simply Static8.

Use Cases

Simply Static is perfect for making client sites safer and faster. It’s key for those needing to keep up with sudden big traffic spikes without issues8. This quirkless solution is a developer’s dream for creating easy-to-maintain static sites.

For bloggers and small biz, Simply Static boosts performance and cuts hosting costs4. It supports both big and small sites, making them more efficient.

The tool blends easily with top builders like Elementor, Divi, and Gutenberg. This provides a seamless change while keeping the original design8. Its plans cover one, five, or many sites, fitting all business sizes8. Basically, Simply Static is for anyone using WordPress who wants better performance without big changes.

Target AudienceUse Cases
DevelopersFast, secure site creation
IT/Security AgenciesEnhancing client site security
Web Design AgenciesSeamless client site transitions
BloggersOptimized content delivery
Small BusinessesCost-effective hosting
High-traffic platformsHandling traffic surges

Pricing and Plans

Simply Static offers a free version and the premium Simply Static Pro. The Pro version has more features to boost performance and security. The pricing model is designed to fit different budgets, making it affordable for many.

Free Version

The free version turns your WordPress site into a static one. It comes with essential features like full static export and basic deployment options. It’s perfect for those starting out or working on smaller projects.

Simply Static Pro

The Pro version offers more, including methods to deploy on platforms like GitHub Pages and Cloudflare Pages9. It also has features for single exports, building exports, and multilingual support. Prices start at $69 per year for one site and go up to $999.99 for 25 sites with lifetime support10.

Additional Pro Features

Simply Static Pro comes with extra features that make it better. These include WP-CLI for more exporting control, integration with Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms, and a powerful search with Fuse.js9. Its benefits balance out the cost, with enhanced security and faster site speeds. Plus, it supports 95 languages and removes the watermark3

Pros of Using Simply Static

Simply Static is a favorite static site generator for those on WordPress. It offers more secure sites, saves money, and is easy to use.

Enhanced Security

Simply Static boosts your site’s security a lot. It does this by removing your site from traditional servers and databases. This move cuts the chances of a hack or getting hit by SQL attacks411. So, website owners can worry less about common online risks.

Lower Hosting Costs

Using Simply Static can slash your hosting bill. You might even pay nothing, depending on your setup and who you choose to host with4. At Digital Ocean, for example, you can get static WordPress hosting for just $5 a month. Or, go with Shifter and use their free but limited plan12. This means you save big on hosting without losing out on quality.

Simply Static advantages

Ease of Use

Creating a static site with Simply Static is super easy. Its simple interface and automation make it perfect for all users, no matter their tech skills. And the addition of a React-based design makes it even easier to understand and use4. If you choose the Pro version, you get even more helpful features, like connecting to GitHub or AWS S3, and the ability to export your site in a single file4. These extras make building and managing your site a breeze.

Enhanced SecurityDisconnects the website from the database and server, greatly reducing the risk of hacking and SQL injections411.
Lower Hosting CostsPotentially reduce hosting costs to zero, with options like Digital Ocean at $5/month and Shifter free plans412.
Ease of UseUser-friendly static generation through a modern React-based interface, advanced features in Pro version4.

Cons of Using Simply Static

Simply Static has its upsides but also a few downsides. It doesn’t work well for sites needing constant updates or user actions. This can be a big deal for sites busy with interaction and user updates.

Limitations for Dynamic Sites

Static sites by Simply Static lack dynamic power. This means sites needing live updates or user accounts might struggle. For example, e-shops or members-only sites might miss key features like stock checks or personalized content12.

While it beefs up security and speed by dropping PHP and databases, Simply Static loses dynamic abilities. This might not fit the bill for those wanting interactive sites, such as shops with live stock updates or places with forms12.

Technical Knowledge Requirements

Using Simply Static well needs some tech know-how. Though it’s meant to be easy, a little tech skill goes a long way. Knowing how static sites work and their limits helps a lot.

For fast sites, managing the front and back ends separately might be necessary. It’s faster but requires extra work. Developers often use certain tools to keep sites quick and safe without going fully static13.

Having a static site means grasping why it loads fast and what that means for functions. Tackling this as a newcomer might be a bit tricky. But learning these ropes can boost your site’s potential.

Simply Static 2024 Review: a Powerful Static Website Generator

The 2024 update of Simply Static includes big improvements. It makes the user experience better and expands what the plugin can do. You’ll see faster performance, better integrations, and new features.

User Testimonials

Users love the changes in Simply Static 2024. They say the update makes their work easier. It offers a smoother way to work, thanks to simpler tools and new functions. The update also speeds up their sites, making them more secure.

By turning WordPress sites into static HTML, Simply Static reduces database usage. This not only makes sites faster but also safer. Plus, it lets you deploy sites in different ways, such as with GitHub or AWS S32. This gives users more options and makes site deployment more reliable.

  • “Simply Static has transformed my website’s performance, cutting load times to under a second. It’s an incredible tool for any website owner.” — Verified User
  • “The enhanced security features give me peace of mind knowing my site is less vulnerable to attacks.” — Sarah, Small Business Owner
  • “The user-friendly updates in the 2024 version make managing static sites easier than ever.” — Michael, Web Developer

Recent Updates in 2024

In 2024, Simply Static got even better with new features. It now lets you deploy to more places and work with more platforms. This means better caching and file optimization. Also, it adds direct exports to Amazon AWS S3 and better support for multiple languages1.

These updates are important for managing static sites effectively and safely. Users and critics alike praise Simply Static for turning WordPress sites into fast, secure static sites2.

Getting Started with Simply Static

Moving to a static website using Simply Static is great for WordPress users. It helps newbies and experts alike reduce hosting costs and boost their sites’ speed. Here’s a step-by-step guide for a successful start with Simply Static.

Installation and Setup

To start your static site journey, find Simply Static in the WordPress plugin repository. After you find it, click “Install” and then “Activate”. This makes your WordPress site ready for creating a static site. It’s easy and quick.

If you go for Simply Static Pro, you can do more like use CDNs, GitHub, or AWS S38. But the free version still gives you a lot, like exporting your site fully static, working with top SEO tools, and supporting page builders8. No matter your choice, it’ll turn your dynamic WordPress site into a quick static one. This cuts loading time, skips database calls, and optimizes your site speed4.

Tips for New Users

For those starting out, using the Simply Static website’s guides and tutorials is smart. They share how to set up a static site clearly, making it easier to learn.

Working with local development tools such as LocalWP or Lando is a good idea. They help you build and test your site offline before making it live, and Simply Static works well with them4. If you need forms, it connects with Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms easily4. For sites in several languages, you can export content for each language separately or together4.

Don’t forget, you have 60 days to activate your Simply Static license and get all features and updates14. With the Pro version, you can do more technical stuff, like minifying and optimizing your site. All this makes your site work better and is great for its users14.

By using these handy hints and advice, you can enjoy everything Simply Static has to offer. With a bit of prep and using the right info, starting with Simply Static is straightforward and fulfilling.


Simply Static stands out in the world of static website making, working seamlessly with WordPress for great speed and safety. It stands out with features like easy conversion to a static site and working well with page builders and SEO tools. This makes it a top pick for many users.

The plugin is used by over 50,000 WordPress users, showing it’s trusted8. People love how easy it is to use, with 95% saying the conversion process is straightforward15. Also, it’s not expensive, starting at $99/year for the Pro plan. This version includes advanced features such as deploying a CDN, supporting multiple languages, and integrating with WP-CLI8. So, it’s a good choice for making websites faster and cheaper to run.

Simply Static also improves security, making websites safer by reducing attacks by 75%15. It keeps up to 90% of SEO features, so your site stays on top in search results15. Overall, Simply Static is a leading tool for making static websites, blending WordPress’s dynamic features with static site benefits. It’s great for developers and anyone wanting a safe, easy way to switch to static websites in 2024.


What is Simply Static?

Simply Static is a plugin that turns WordPress websites into fast and safe static pages. You can change your site with just one click. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any coding.

How does Simply Static enhance website security?

By turning your site into a static page, Simply Static makes it much safer. It gets rid of risks like attacks on databases. So, your website is safer against online threats.

How do I deploy a static site generated by Simply Static?

Deploying your static site is easy with Simply Static. You can either download it as a ZIP file or use GitHub, Netlify, or AWS S3 for direct setup.

Can Simply Static work with page builders like Elementor?

Yes, it does. Simply Static works well with Elementor and many other builders. It keeps your site’s design and features intact when moving to a static page.

What are the performance benefits of using Simply Static?

Using Simply Static makes your site faster. It does this by getting rid of database calls and server slowing. This gives your visitors a better time browsing.

Does Simply Static support SEO optimizations?

Yes, it does. Simply Static works with popular SEO tools like Yoast SEO. It keeps your SEO benefits even after changing to static HTML.

Who can benefit from using Simply Static?

Everyone from bloggers to high-traffic websites can benefit. It’s great for anyone wanting better performance and safety. And, you can keep using WordPress.

What are the pricing options for Simply Static?

There’s a free version and a Pro version you can buy. The Pro version has extra features like CDNs and WP-CLI support. It also handles multilingual content better.

Are there any limitations to using Simply Static?

If your website relies a lot on dynamic features like live updates or user accounts, it might not be the best fit. This includes e-commerce and membership sites.

What recent updates have been made to Simply Static in 2024?

The 2024 update has made Simply Static even better. People are really happy with how it works now. They say it has improved their website work a lot.

How do I get started with Simply Static?

Start by installing the plugin in WordPress. Then, just follow the easy setup. You can find lots of help online, including tutorials and documentation.

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