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Crisp Chat Review 2024: An Honest and Detailed Look

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Is Crisp Chat the top live chat software for your business in 2024? With so many options out there, it’s important to choose wisely. This detailed Crisp Chat review will help you understand what it offers. We look at how easy it is to use, how it performs, its cost, and the benefits.

What makes Crisp Chat different? It stands out in marketing and advertising. Many users, including Viktor, love its easy interface and strong features, giving it 5 stars1. Yet, people around the world have a mix of opinions about it.

Next, we’ll explore why Crisp Chat is a great choice for live chat software. We’ll check out its support for multiple channels and its engaging mobile app. Want to see if Crisp Chat meets your needs for talking to customers?

Key Takeaways

  • Why Crisp Chat is a top contender in the live chat software market for 2024.
  • Comprehensive insights into Crisp Chat’s user-friendly interface and robust features.
  • How Crisp Chat’s pricing models offer value for money.
  • Understanding the pros and cons based on real user reviews across the globe.
  • Detailed evaluation of its performance, reliability, and customer support.

Introduction to Crisp Chat

In 2015, Baptiste Jamin and Valerian Saliou started Crisp Chat. It’s now on over 200,000 websites around the world2. This platform makes talking between businesses and customers smooth with its great features2.

It was made to make talking easier. Now, it’s key for talking with customers in real-time. With tools like MagicMap and MagicBrowse, companies can see where you are and share screens2.

All kinds of businesses use Crisp Chat. This includes marketing, e-learning, and more3. People in computer security really like it, giving it top scores3.

Crisp Chat has plans for any budget, starting free to $95 a month2. Marketing folks think it’s great for the money and easy to use3.

Crisp works well with many tools like Automation and Marketing2. This makes it a top pick for talking to customers in many ways.

Key Features of Crisp Chat

Crisp Chat is famous for making customer support easy and better. It has great features like multi-channel support and helpdesk integration. These features make it one of the best chat software in 2024.

Multi-channel Support

Crisp’s multi-channel support connects conversations from email, social media, and chat apps. This lets you talk to customers smoothly across different platforms. Over 200,000 brands trust Crisp, showing it works well for many businesses2.

It also works with tools for automation, marketing, and more2. This makes Crisp perfect for both small and big companies4.

Crisp is used in over 100 countries, proving it’s reliable worldwide4. It lets businesses talk to customers in many languages. This helps in giving a personal touch to chats. It also sends customer questions to the right agent, making support fast and accurate4.

Helpdesk Integration

Crisp’s helpdesk makes handling customer questions simple. It keeps all queries in one place and helps solve them quickly. It’s designed for e-commerce, software, and more, offering special solutions4. You also get data on customers and agents, which helps in making services better4.

Crisp has a free version and paid plans starting at $25.00 monthly. This is a good deal for startups and small businesses5. There’s also a 14-day free trial. This lets businesses test Crisp before buying2. Crisp Chat is key for any company that wants to offer top-notch customer support.

User Experience and Interface

Crisp Chat shines in making a user-friendly crisp chat platform. It’s all about great user experience. It got an average rating of 4.6 for Ease of Use from 107 reviews5. This shows its simple design and smooth navigation. People from different industries find it easy to use. This makes it a top pick for various business users5.

Mobile App Experience

The Crisp chat mobile app is known for working well and being easy to get into. This makes sure users can talk effectively even when they’re moving. It works with platforms like Facebook, Slack, and Discord. This boosts its usefulness across several ways to communicate5. Users like Steeve from Carbone.io and Martin Moravek from minimalist phone have given it thumbs up. They say it offers a top-notch user experience, making quick and effective customer talks possible6.

The app is also celebrated for aiding real-time conversations with customers. It keeps performing well, which is a plus for those using mobile devices6. Priscilia, Founder & Leadership, loves its well-planned UX and the feature that lets you see users in real-time. These aspects highlight the app’s practical design and careful thought6.

Performance and Reliability

Crisp Chat offers great value with plans starting at $25 a month for each user. This makes it an affordable option for businesses wanting to talk with customers reliably7. Companies can change how the chat widget looks and acts so it fits their brand. This makes sure the chat experience is always top-notch and matches the company’s style7. Even without its own chatbot, Crisp Chat works well with other bot services and big CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot7.

It brings different ways to talk to customers together in one place. This makes chats go smoothly and helps businesses talk with customers more reliably1. People really like using Crisp Chat. They say it’s easy to use and gives a lot for the money, showing it’s a stable choice1. It also lets you talk across many different platforms without trouble, making sure nothing interrupts the conversation1.

Sometimes, businesses need to grow. Crisp Chat is ready for this. It may not have co-browsing at first, but it lets you add it and other tools when you need them7. It works smoothly with tools for automating, marketing, messaging, emails, CMS, and CRM2.

People trust Crisp Chat for quick chats and answers. The support team answers in less than a minute on live chat. And they reply to emails within 8 hours2. Over 200,000 websites use Crisp Chat, showing it’s good for growing businesses and trusted by many2. Plus, setting it up is easy and straightforward. This makes it a reliable choice for any business size7.

Crisp Chat Pricing in 2024

Crisp Chat has a variety of plans for everyone. They have free options and premium packages. Their goal is to give great value for the price.

Free vs. Paid Plans

Crisp Chat offers a free plan perfect for small businesses or startups. This plan includes two seats and key live chat features at no cost2.

The Pro plan costs $25 a month and offers four seats and canned responses. It’s great for teams that are growing and need more features2. The Unlimited plan is $95 a month. It’s best for big companies, providing analytics and chatbots2.

You can also try Crisp Chat for 14 days for free. This lets you test their services before paying2.

Value for Money

Crisp Chat offers good value with its competitive prices and many features. The free plan is especially good for new companies. It gives you key live chat abilities without costing a thing2.

The Pro plan’s extra features like canned responses make the price worth it. This is especially true for businesses expanding their customer support. The Unlimited plan has even more, like analytics and chatbots. These are unique services that set Crisp apart from others2.

With its range of prices and feature-packed plans, Crisp Chat is a top pick. Many businesses will find it to be a great option for live chat software in 2024.

crisp chat pricing

Customer Support and Documentation

Crisp chat customer support quickly responds and helps businesses. They offer consistent support8. With dedicated customer service teams, users get timely help with their questions9. Crisp also has detailed guides, tutorials, and forums for users9. This helps users get the most out of Crisp’s features9.

  • Dedicated customer support team ensuring high responsiveness8.
  • Comprehensive documentation including knowledge bases and tutorials9.
  • Automated messaging facilitating seamless customer interaction9.

Crisp has many support features like live chat and advanced tools8. Live chat allows for real-time conversations and works well with Slack and Zendesk10. Marketing and Advertising industries praise Crisp for being easy to use9. They also like the customer support options available9.

FeatureDetailsUser Feedback
Live ChatReal-time customer interactionHighly appreciated for responsiveness8
Knowledge BaseComprehensive documentation availableValued for extensive resources9
Automated MessagingSeamless customer interaction and supportPraises for efficiency and functionality9

Pros and Cons

We are looking closely at the strengths of Crisp Chat and the drawbacks of live chat software. Our goal is to give readers a full picture of the platform.


The ease of use of Crisp Chat is a significant plus. Simon, from the e-learning field, has praised its easy-to-navigate interface. This makes it simpler than other platforms1. Crisp’s support for multiple channels makes communication smoother. Many appreciate how well it works across different platforms1.

It’s also known for being affordable and well-documented, making it a great choice for smaller businesses1. Justin Jackson, who helped start transistor.fm, points out Crisp’s reliable and straightforward chat feature6. Plus, the value Crisp provides for websites is crucial. It helps sites talk to customers easily with chatbots and triggers1.

advantages of Crisp Chat


Yet, there are downsides to using live chat software. Some drawbacks of live chat software are data deletion issues and the need for better interfaces, says reviewer Oeneril6. Some people find it hard to integrate Crisp with other software. They also question its pricing1.

Furthermore, Crisp’s delivery service has received criticism for being delayed and unsatisfactory8. However, these issues don’t take away from its many benefits. They’re important for those who want a complete and fair look at what Crisp offers.

Integration and Compatibility

Crisp Chat shines with its powerful integration features. It fits perfectly with key business tools. Working with CRM systems like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot is smooth. This lets sales and support teams talk easily, managing all business chats in one place11.

Integration with CRM Systems

Crisp Chat’s flexibility is a big plus for companies. For $25 a month per workspace, the Pro plan connects with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Slack, and email in Crisp11. The Unlimited plan, at $95 a month, adds more. It includes special connections with GitHub, Discord, and Aircall, making CRM work even better11.

JavaScript SDK and Customization

For customization, Crisp Chat’s JavaScript SDK is a key player. It lets businesses make their own setups easily, no hard coding needed12. You can set up smart, automated talks that fit right into your work flow. This shows how flexible and focused on users Crisp Chat is.

This ability to customize also reaches mobile and desktop apps. It offers rich user details and instant updates on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS12.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Getting real customer testimonials is key for any in-depth review. Crisp Chat user reviews show collecting feedback can be hard. This is because people might doubt the brand or think there’s room to get better13. To get feedback well, companies use different ways like voice messages, pop-ups, and calls13.

Many Crisp Chat user reviews praise how it brings feedback together. They use Slack and Trello for better handling and useful ideas13. These real insights show knowing how people use the services is vital for growth13.

Also, real-user insights say good feedback doesn’t overwhelm people with too many asks. This helps keep answers high quality13. Crisp Chat uses live chat triggers to ask for feedback at the right times13. This way, they engage more customers well13.

Crisp Chat’s method of asking one or two simple questions boosts the number of responses. It also improves data quality, as customer testimonials show13. Customers like when feedback requests are fun and interesting. This encourages them to share helpful feedback13.

Feedback is also key for companies that focus on customer service to grow. Real-user insights confirm these companies use feedback to improve the whole company. They set clear expectations about feedback’s value and talk directly to those who give it13.

Crisp Chat vs. Competitors

Comparing Crisp Chat with its rivals shows their differences and similarities. This review focuses on how Crisp Chat matches up with popular tools like Intercom.

Comparison with Intercom

Intercom is a major player in live chat services. Both Crisp Chat and Intercom help businesses support their customers well. What sets Intercom apart is its self-help community, letting users quickly solve issues on their own14. Crisp Chat shines with its easy-to-use design and the smooth way it works with different CRM tools.

By 2025, experts think 95% of customer chats will happen without people, a change Crisp Chat and Intercom are ready for15. Also, 75% prefer chatting over calling or emailing for help, showing the need for Crisp Chat and Intercom to keep improving15.

Comparison with Other Live Chat Tools

Other tools like Freshdesk compete by offering smart chatbots and helpful predictions14. Gist mixes marketing, sales, and support in one, with great help desk and email tools14. LiveAgent is known for its huge range of features and many integrations, making it very adaptable for customer service needs14.

FeatureCrisp ChatIntercomFreshdeskLiveAgent
Multi-channel SupportYesYesYesYes
AI-powered ChatbotNoYesYesNo
Help Desk FeaturesStandardAdvancedAdvancedExtensive
IntegrationsCovers major CRMsCovers major CRMsComprehensive200+

This market competitors analysis shows the varied live chat software landscape. This comparison best live chat software method highlights Crisp Chat and Intercom’s industry positions. For companies, picking the right tool means looking at these points to meet strategic and service goals.


As we conclude our review of Crisp Chat for 2024, it’s clear this tool is exceptional. It serves from 10 to 10,000 contacts at the same cost. This shows its ability to grow with businesses of all sizes10. Its pricing includes unlimited chats and agent spots, letting users use it fully without limits10. Crisp Chat’s flexibility and efficiency make it a top choice in its market.

Crisp Chat shines in its understanding of customer feedback. It combines support-focused development with quick improvements16. It offers automated triggers and controls for better customer talks10. Plus, its easy integration with Slack and campaign emails boosts user interaction10.

When deciding, note Crisp Chat’s great support and information resources10. This ensures users get the most out of it quickly10. The pros far outweigh the cons, offering great value. For those seeking reliable tools, rich features, or top-notch support, Crisp Chat is the best pick in 2024. It aims to surpass the needs of firms wanting premium customer care.


What is the Crisp Chat platform?

Crisp Chat is live chat software that helps with talking to customers through different channels. It works on websites, social media, and mobile apps. This makes it great for talking to customers better.

What are the key features of Crisp Chat?

Crisp Chat shines with its support for many channels, helpdesk integration, and an easy mobile app. These features make it easy to talk to customers, solve their problems quickly, and reach them anywhere.

How does Crisp Chat perform in terms of reliability?

Crisp Chat is reliable and performs well. It’s always up and can handle a lot of users at once. This means it can answer customer questions without any breaks.

What is the pricing structure for Crisp Chat in 2024?

Crisp Chat has both free and paid plans. The free plan has the basics for chatting every day. The paid plans add more for full customer support. For prices, visit their site.

How does Crisp Chat integrate with other tools?

Crisp Chat works well with CRM systems and other key business tools. It has a JavaScript SDK for making it fit your business better. This means it can match your business style and needs.

What kind of customer support does Crisp Chat offer?

Crisp Chat has great support through many ways like a knowledge base, tutorials, and forums. They also offer direct help. With these resources, you can get the most out of Crisp Chat.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Crisp Chat?

Crisp Chat is easy to use, has lots of features, and is very reliable. But some may find it lacks in customization or certain integrations. Knowing this can help businesses decide if it’s right for them.

How does Crisp Chat compare to Intercom and other live chat tools?

Crisp Chat matches up well with others like Intercom in features, prices, and how it works. Looking at these points helps businesses pick the top tool for talking to customers.

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