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Website as a Service (WAAS)

Discover the power of Website as a Service (WAAS) and how it can transform your online presence. When you choose our WAAS solution, you get more than just a website; you receive a comprehensive package that covers web hosting, maintenance, and all the essentials needed to thrive online. In this guide, we’ll delve into the workings of WAAS, its benefits, and explore the 10 key points that define a successful website.

Website as a Service

Unleashing the Power of Your Online Presence with WAAS

Are you tired of the hassle of managing a website, juggling web hosting, and struggling with ongoing maintenance? If so, it’s time to embrace the future of web development with Website as a Service (WAAS).

Included With One Seamless Monthly Subscription



WAAS is the way to go if you want a hassle-free web site. Just pay one monthly rate and let us handle the rest. No surprises, no extra charges, no worries.

Professional Design

You want a website that rocks? We got you covered. Our awesome designers will craft a unique, personalized site that fits your brand and vision. No boring templates, no generic content, just pure awesomeness.


Content Management

You don’t have to worry about updating your content. Just tell us what you want to change and we’ll handle it. Plus, we have awesome extras like making images, writing content and more.

Web Hosting

Say goodbye to the complexities of web hosting. We handle it all, ensuring your site stays online 24/7 on our super fast cloud.

WordPress Security

Your website is safe and secure with our robust security measures. We prevent and protect your site from any threats and vulnerabilities that could harm your online presence. You can trust us to keep your website running smoothly and securely.

Performance Optimization

Your site will be blazing fast with our optimization. No more waiting for pages to load or losing customers to slow performance. We make sure your site delivers a smooth and awesome user experience.

Regular Updates

Don’t let your site get stale. Keep it fresh and funky with the latest WordPress updates and plugins. You’ll enjoy better security, performance and features.

Responsive Design

Your website looks and functions flawlessly on all devices, from smartphones to desktops.
Compare and save

Website as a Service (WAAS) VS. building a website separately

Price comparison table between Website as a Service (WAAS) and paying for building a website, web hosting, and a website maintenance plan separately.
Expense CategoryWebsite as a Service (WAAS)Building Website Separately
Initial SetupMinimal or no upfront costsVariable, potentially high
Monthly Subscription$50 – $300+ per monthN/A
Website DevelopmentIncluded in subscription$2500 – $10,000+
Web HostingIncluded in subscription$25 – $150+ per month
Maintenance & UpdatesIncluded in subscription$150 – $300+ per year
Domain Registrationincluded in subscription$15+ per year
SSL Certificateincluded in subscription$0 – $100+ per year
Additional Features/PluginsMay be included or extra fees$60 – $500+ one-time or ongoing
Total Cost (1 Year)$1790 – $3,590+$2750 – $13,650+
Technical Expertise NeededMinimal to noneModerate to high
FlexibilityNot limited by your technical experience levelDifficult, based on expertise

Please keep in mind that these costs are approximate and can vary based on your specific website needs, the complexity of your project, and the providers you choose. WAAS provides a simplified and predictable cost structure, while building a website separately requires more management, cost and technical expertise.



Gain insights into your website’s performance with detailed analytics and reporting.

Dedicated Support

Our team is here to assist you, ensuring your website is always at its best.
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