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Craig Gomes Unveils New Currently WordPress Plugin

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Status update graphic with work and vacation indicators.WordPress powers over 40% of all websites on the internet. Yesterday, on WP Weekly, I read that Craig Gomes released a new open-source WordPress extension. A seasoned web designer and developer who has recently introduced the Currently Plugin for WordPress.

This project emerges from Gomes’ decade-long dedication to website craftsmanship. It represents a significant departure into theme design, an area he has enriched with his expertise over the past seven years. His initiative, WabiPress, a minimalistic and efficient WordPress theme, now finds a companion in the Currently Plugin, designed under a GPL license to enhance the user publishing experience.

This WordPress status plugin is Gomes’ latest contribution to a vibrant community, offering an elegant solution to status management on the world’s leading content management system.

Key Takeaways

  • Craig Gomes leverages his extensive experience in website design to venture into theme design with WabiPress.
  • The Currently Plugin for WordPress signifies a fresh, user-centric approach to status management on websites.
  • Emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness, the plugin is built to complement Gomes’ WabiPress theme.
  • Gomes ensures key plugin compatibility with major tools, focusing on a seamless, feed-like content structure.
  • Adhering to the GPL license, the open-source WordPress extension is freely available, aiming to support the dynamic needs of the WordPress community.
  • This WordPress status plugin is a strategic addition to WordPress.org’s Theme Store, catering to users’ quest for resource-light and scalable solutions.

Introducing the Currently WordPress Plugin by Craig Gomes

In an era where digital efficiency is paramount, Craig Gomes has elevated the user experience on WordPress with the launch of the Currently WordPress Plugin. This innovative tool is crafted to harmonize with Pixelvise’s newly rebranded vision, offering businesses of all scales a streamlined approach to indicating work status display, real-time status updates, and user availability notification.

The Currently plugin emerges as a vital element in transforming how professionals manage their digital presence. With the ability to update one’s status in real time, the plugin stands as an indispensable tool for improving communication and ensuring seamless interaction within the digital workspace.

  • Provides immediate work status display for enhanced communication.
  • Enable real-time status updates to reflect user’s current engagements.
  • Sends out user availability notifications, improving team coordination.

As Pixelvise unfolds its rebranded identity, the Currently WordPress Plugin is the embodiment of Craig Gomes’ pledge to simplifying the complexities of online business operations. The feature-rich plugin is a milestone in the digital journey, offering intuitive solutions for a dynamic web environment.

Craig Gomes released Currently Plugin for WordPress

The digital landscape for entrepreneurs and content creators continues to evolve, and with the introduction of the Currently Plugin for WordPress by Craig Gomes, website management becomes more personal and dynamic. This revolutionary plugin carves out a niche for those desiring customizable status messages on their platforms. Gomes, a respected developer in the WordPress community, delivers an essential tool that empowers users to convey their real-time availability with style and simplicity.

Understanding the vital role communication plays in today’s fast-paced online environments, the Currently plugin steps in as an indispensable asset for shortcode integration, offering effortless updates. Whether you are a busy freelancer juggling multiple projects or a business owner stepping away for a break, this plugin ensures that your audience stays informed about your availability without the need for constant manual updates.

  • Effortlessly activate vacation mode for websites to announce extended leave.
  • Use shortcodes to update the website status in a few clicks from anywhere on your WordPress site.
  • Customize messages with unique flairs that resonate with your personal brand or company’s image.

As remote work and digital nomadism surge in popularity, the ability to maintain clear communication lines with clients and colleagues becomes paramount. The Currently Plugin not only enhances productivity but also enriches the user experience by integrating an intuitive system for status alerts. Unveiled by Craig Gomes, a luminary in the technical sphere of website development, this plugin ensures your website is always communicating effectively, even when you’re not.

WordPress plugin settings page for work hours configuration.Customization at Your Fingertips: Exploring the Customizable Status Messages

For WordPress users looking to bring a higher level of personalization to their websites, the Currently Plugin by Craig Gomes offers a suite of options designed to tailor your online presence with precision. This open-source WordPress extension enables seamless updates to your work status, encapsulating both the flexibility and immediacy that dynamic web environments require.

Personalize Your Work Status: Vacation Mode, Busy Indicator and More

The wordpress status plugin goes beyond static updates; it affords a degree of customization that conveys your availability or current activity in a more authentic manner. Whether you are temporarily stepping away and need a “busy” indicator or are heading off for a well-deserved break and require a “vacation mode,” these customizable status messages offer the gamut of personalization. This feature is particularly valuable for professionals and businesses aiming to maintain clear communication channels with their audience without the complexity of traditional coding.

Shortcode Integration: Simplified Insertion Across Your WordPress Site

The beauty of the Currently Plugin lies in its shortcode integration, a tool that effortlessly embeds real-time status updates anywhere on your site. With a simple line of shortcode, users can update their status in a matter of seconds—streamlining the process of conveying real-time information to site visitors. This function stands out for its user-friendliness, eliminating the often tedious need to navigate the back end of WordPress to make updates. Craig Gomes has ensured that whether you’re updating from desktop or mobile, these status changes are quick and straightforward to implement.

  • Vacation Mode: Indicate your out-of-office status with ease.
  • Busy Indicator: Let visitors know when you’re not immediately available.
  • Meeting Status: Share when you’re in a meeting and when you’ll be free.
  • Lunch Break Alert: Temporarily signal your away time for a break.

By leveraging these tools, WordPress site owners can build a rapport with their visitors based on transparency and up-to-the-minute communication, thanks to the real-time status updates facilitated by this robust open-source wordpress extension.


The unveiling of the Currently Plugin for WordPress by Craig Gomes marks a significant advancement for digital professionals seeking enhanced communication capabilities on their websites. The commitment to open-source software and adherence to the GPL license underscore Gomes’ dedication to the WordPress community, offering a tool that resonates with the principles of collaboration and accessibility. The incorporation of features like vacation mode for websites and flexible work status display ensures that users across various industries can maintain clarity regarding their availability.

This open-source WordPress extension is more than just a technical achievement; it represents an understanding of the evolving workspace and the need for real-time status updates. Whether for handling customer inquiries, coordinating with team members, or managing personal workflow, the Currently Plugin brings a new level of efficiency and user-friendliness to the WordPress ecosystem.

As Craig Gomes continues to innovate within the digital arena, the Currently Plugin stands as a beacon of progress, simplifying the way we manage our online presence. For freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike, this plugin is poised to become an indispensable resource in achieving seamless communication with audiences and associates alike.


Who is Craig Gomes?

Craig Gomes is a website designer and developer with over a decade of experience in the industry. He has recently expanded his expertise into theme design, creating the WabiPress WordPress theme, and has developed the Currently WordPress Plugin to enhance user interactions on websites.

What is the Currently Plugin for WordPress?

The Currently Plugin for WordPress is an open-source WordPress extension designed by Craig Gomes that allows users to display customizable status messages on their website, indicating their real-time work status and availability.

Is the Currently Plugin available for free?

Yes, the Currently Plugin adheres to the GPL license, making it an open-source WordPress extension that is available for free. It complements the ethos of WordPress as a platform that supports and encourages community contributions.

How does the Currently Plugin improve user availability notification?

The plugin provides a seamless work status display that users can update in real-time. It helps inform website visitors, clients, and colleagues about the user’s current availability, fostering clear and immediate communication.

Can the Currently Plugin be customized?

Absolutely. The Currently Plugin offers customization features, such as the ability to set a vacation mode for your website or indicate when you are busy. These customizable status messages help users tailor their presence to accurately reflect their current activity to visitors.

How does shortcode integration work with the Currently Plugin?

The Currently Plugin uses shortcode integration to allow users to effortlessly embed their work status updates across different sections of their WordPress site. The plugin provides a shortcode that can be easily inserted into posts, pages, or widgets for quick and easy updates.

Is technical knowledge required to use the Currently Plugin?

No, one of the core benefits of the Currently Plugin is its user-friendly design. The shortcode integration means that even those without technical knowledge can update their status on their WordPress site without any coding.

Can the plugin be used by businesses of all sizes?

Yes, the Currently Plugin is designed for individuals, freelancers, solopreneurs, and businesses of all sizes. It’s a flexible tool meant to simplify digital interactions and communications for a wide range of users.

Where can I download the Currently Plugin?

The Currently Plugin will be avlible for downloaded from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory after it’s reviewed. Until then, you can get it from the Craig Gomes Website.

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